JobKeeper – 5 Tips to get Paid

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The ATO has released the next stage of the Jobkeeper registration. You are now able to log into your Business Portal and identify employees and complete your April Declaration in order to get paid.

1. The ATO website has a great step by step guide to help you complete your eligible employees and monthly declaration. 

You can follow the guide at ATO Step by Step Guide

2. If you have JobKeeper functionality in your STP Software 

The declaration will pre-populate the number of employees for you. You will just need to confirm the number of employees is correct per fortnight.

3. If your software has not been setup for JobKeeper functionality

If you use STP software then you may see a list of employee names in your declaration. You need to ensure that you have paid each employee $3,000 for the month of April before 8 May and select their eligibility from the dropdown.

If you do not have STP reporting yet, then you will be required to manually enter your employees names, Tax File Numbers and the amount you have paid them.

4. If you are registering a Business Participant

You will require the business participants Name, Tax File Number and Date of Birth. The business participant is a sole trader, partner in a partnership, trust beneficiary, director or shareholder of a company. They must actively work within the business but are not listed as an eligible employee in step 3 above.

5. Confirm current and Projected Turnover

You will need to confirm your actual GST Turnover for the month of April. In order to claim the payment for the month of April you will need to meet the eligibility criteria and maintain all documentation to prove this. You will also have to estimate your projected turnover for the current month (May). This is just your best estimate, it does not matter if you get it wrong. If you have met the criteria for payments in April then this is just for information purposes. It will not affect your eligibility or entitlements for the remaining months, the Government would just like to see how the pandemic is effecting businesses. 

Please note, due to the volume of applications and the short time frames, there may be a charge for the time it takes to assist with the declaration and any projection of turnover.  

Where are the employee registration forms and Declaration

You will need to log into your Business Portal to complete your employee identification and declarations online. Business Portal 

If you have not yet set up your business portal then please follow the links below to set one up as this is how you will lodge your monthly declaration for the duration of the scheme:

Business Portal getting started


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