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Do You Need Greater Certainty in Your Business?

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Our Approach

As a business owner, we understand you naturally want to see an increase in your bottom line. Especially when you consider that as your business grows, so does the complexity.

With this in mind, our outsourced CFO and advisory services are designed to help you better manage the financial side of your business which gives improves your viability, profit and cashflow management.

An outsourced CFO is right-hand to the boss - but on the numbers side and will take charge of the financial side of your business which frees you up so you can focus on what you do best - driving your business forward and generating more sales and profit.

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Do you need greater certainty in the financial outcome? SMEs who could only dream of hiring a CFO are now able to take advantage of an outsourced CFO. Arrange a chat to learn more about how our advisory services can help your business today.

Flying Blind

- The easiest way to crash the plane

Most business owners are 'flying blind' when it comes to managing and understanding the financial side of their business. It's like jumping into an airplane with no dashboards and no landing gear and taking off hoping you are going to arrive safely at your desired destination. 

As Warren Buffet said, accounting is the language of business and if you don't understand accounting and the numbers, the chances of winning in business are slim.

Little wonder why 80% of small business owners fail within 5 years. As most use hope and 'gut-feel' with the majority of important business decisions. One poor decision could reverse the growth investment and sacrifice you have made in your business

Instead, imagine the power of understanding the impact of business decisions before you make them!

With better, more informed business decisions, you have a better chance of success and putting more profit and cashflow in your business.


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What do we Offer?

  • Profit Improvement

    We'll diagnose the facets of your business that are impacting profitability and put a plan in place to unlock your full profit potential.

  • Manage & Repair Business Cash Flow

    We'll give you clarity around your current and future cash position, assist with growing pains, increase your cashflow and prevent future cashflow shocks.

  • Financial Modelling

    Get a summary of your company's expenses and earnings to calculate the impact of future decisions and planning.

  • Budgeting & Forecasting

    A Cash Flow Projection sets out the 'peaks and troughs' in the future of your cash position.

  • Performance Management and KPI Tracking

    We'll help design, track, analyse and report on your key metrics to measure progress against commitments.

  • Strategic Planning

    We'll help you establish clear and realistic plans to objectively review your personal and commercial goals.

  • Growth Planning

    An Outsourced CFO can help you with growth and profit planning and can prepare projections for your bank or lender and help with pricing, costing, margins, targets, and interpreting management accounts.

  • Systems & Processes

    If you want to be freed up from your business, you need systems in place. Getting yourself, as business owner, 'off the tools' is vital to growing your business.

  • Value Creation

    Regardless of where you're at on your business journey, from scaling up to exit, we'll help you maximise enterprise value and plan the best possible exit result.

  • Sounding Board

    We'll be your sounding board and accountability partner helping keep you on track and giving you the support you need.

looking for support?

We're here to help

Whether you're looking for a one-off engagement or would like the services of an outsourced CFO for an agreed-upon fixed monthly fee, our services will provide infinitely more value than their price in improved cash flow, profit and business value.

Providing The Tools For Your Business' Success

Growth Building Blocks

It all starts with a simple 30 minute 'can we help' call to discuss where your business is at currently, where you'd like it to be, and what next steps you need to take.

'Can we Help' Phone Call

Business Roadmap

Business Plan

Forecast and Budget

Ongoing Outsourced CFO


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Brett Piercy


Brett Piercy - Partner

Brett oversees the Tax and Advisory arm of our growing practice. He is a former Director of a Big 4 Accounting firm, and has more than 20 years experience in tax advisory and management of ATO disputes and interactions. Brett supports our clients with tax and business advisory services, as well as Self Managed Super Fund and succession planning. Brett's background specialisation has been with High Net Wealth Individuals and he has worked with some of Australia's largest private and listed developers. From an industry perspective, Brett oversees the advisory of all client industries, but in particular property development, Primary Production accommodation and professional services clients. 

Outside of work, Brett is always looking for a tip on undiscovered hiking trails and will talk anything sport, especially Aussie Rules.

Profits are up 718% and the cash is flowing again…

"In just 6 months the improvement in my business is phenomenal. Profits have skyrocketed by 718% and the cash is flowing again in my business. My confidence has increased and I'm looking forward to the future rather than being worried by it."

F Schneider

FSS Constructions P/L | Sunshine Coast

Profits have more than doubled

"Thanks to Scott and his team I'm now only taking on profitable work and not just keeping the boys busy. My profits have more than doubled and life is good. I can take holidays and actually enjoy my time off and feel more in control of my business again."

Gary Jenkins

Builder | Sydney

Having a Rainy Day Fund saved my business

"Just wanted to say a big thank you to Scott for helping us better manage our cashflow and put us on a plan to dramatically increase profitability. If it wasn't for him helping me build up a Rainy Day Fund, I don't think I would have survived all the floods and rain we've had this year. Thank you Scott!"

Brett Vidler

MD BJ Vidler Constructions | Sunshine Coast

From a $50,000 Loss to a $425,000 Profit in 12 Months

"In just over 12 months we've grown our revenue to $3m and our profitability to $425,000 after wages. Better still was the fact I actually took plenty of holidays for a change and worked half as many hours on average each week. Thanks Scott!"

Michael Russell

Westglass Installation

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